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2023: Hopes for the Future

A product shot of Love Nest's 2023 desktop calendar, revealing the cover page with a grid of all 12 original patterns and the details of the calendar, named "This Is My Year."

I’m claiming this New Year New Me energy, as I always do. Like clockwork, I seem to find myself surrounded by lists and highlighters the last few days of December, looking back on the goals of the previous year, and aspiring to be someone who makes the bed next year. It doesn't get old for me. It's like that phantom smell of no.2 pencils in the air the first week of August, except I don't get The Scaries.

I entered 2022 reevaluating my long term business goals, and by the end of the year I launched my new studio, Love Nest. My original launch goal was today, January 1, 2023, but I found some much-needed courage in the latter half of 2022 to make the jump. The early launch allowed room for rest during the holidays, which turned out to be non negotiable as my family was wrecked with every stray virus for weeks. Strong immune systems are IN for 2023.

2022 took more than a little courage. Since becoming pregnant with my daughter in 2019, I’ve spent years convincing myself that I can do it all, that I can separate parenthood from biz ownership. Now my daughter is nearly 3, and the cost of long term childcare has revealed itself: 🤑. I’ve been home with my daughter in some way since she was born—full time for the first year and a half, and now part time. In 2022, I finally learned that my determination to do it all, all at once, is not fair to her, or myself. My year of 2023? Delegate.

I scaled my work load way, way back to research a stronger business model, and also to just be there for my family during a tough year. Despite it all, this studio still stands strong. Protective processes were established in case of future tough times. 2023 is the year I reap the rewards of this grueling chapter of experimentation.

So that was my year. Intense, but actually kind of chill. Daring, but also spent coddling. High highs, low lows. At this point, I'm like, "you know, the usual."

Godspeed in 2023, folks. I'm rooting for us!

💖 Andrea

A graphic that reads: "'The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.' Fabienne Frederickson" designed in Love Nest's raspberry and cream color palette.

Without further comment, here are my trend predictions for 2023.

2023: Hopes for the Future. OUT: radio silence, existential dread, homebody-ing, heavy filters, migraines, hasty timelines, squeaky clean, mind reading, multi tasking, tech neck. IN: away messages, sustainable thinking, pop ups, brown, morning sun, White Lotus-level symbolism, kitsch art, custom templates, solitude, postural awareness.



Curación Colorado Springs, Colorado

Curacion: A massage therapy studio. A hand drawn magic potion, cradled in the hand of the sorcerer. Curacion's logo communicates that the cure is in her hands. Black background, sand illustration and type.


Alyson & Katie Chicago, Illinois


Ramey Ranch The Wild Wild West

A minimal, organic brand mark for a salt of the earth ranching family in Colorado. The logo is a simple RR, with Ramey Ranch tucked underneath, separated by a western-inspired hand drawn star. On the left side of the RR brand mark reads "est. 2022" and on the right reads "Colorado".


Megan & Ben Charleston, South Carolina


Love Nest Lexington, Kentucky & beyond

Love Nest branding logo featuring two birds facing each other above a heart inside a house shape, symbolizing a cozy and affectionate environment. The logo is set within an oval frame adorned with small hearts, against a pink patterned background, emphasizing the theme of love and home.


Tricia & Will Lexington, Kentucky


Harp Homes Louisville, Kentucky

Harp Homes' logo is a simple and minimal HH, with each H encased in a half circle. The left H is a slate blue, and the right H is a sandy neutral. The background is a whitewashed wood, a favorite design feature this homebuilder frequently uses.


Francesca & Teddy Horse Country, California


Andrea is an independent artist, a wife, a mother, a crazy cat lady, and a Rupaul's Drag Race fanatic. She lives in Lexington, Kentucky, working remotely with brands and engaged folks across the country. Want to work together? Reach out here.


A product shot of the desktop calendar's birch stand, with a charming oval sticker with Love Nest's logo, an arch that reads, "This is my years" and a QR code that leads customers to download coordinating monthly tech wallpapers.
A graphic that reads, "Download 2023's Digital wallpapers today." with a download cloud graphic on the left and a bookmark graphic on the right.


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