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I’ve been sharing free digital calendars on Instagram since January 2019. For obvious reasons, 2020’s January mantra calendar, “This is my year” did not age well.


What started out as a poor choice of words for the unprecedented year ahead has taken new forms as an annual desk calendar, featuring 12 original prints and 100% recyclable materials.  Turning lemons into lemonade, there's always money in the banana stand, etc.

This Is My Year is a physical and digital annual calendar. It's cuter than the Apple widget, and coordinating tech screensavers totally indicate that you're a person with your shit together. Even if you're a Pisces with boundaries like Swiss cheese. So, what are you waiting for? Get your shit together!


Sorry, was that too much?

Please don't leave. Here, take a screensaver.

Save 'em for later.


It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Buy one this year, get $5 off next year!

There's more where that came from.


is an independent artist, a wife, a mother, a crazy cat lady, and a Rupaul's Drag Race fanatic. She lives in Lexington, Kentucky, working remotely with brands and engaged folks across the country. Want to work together? Reach out here.

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