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Are you my dream job?

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I keep a detailed spreadsheet of all the mediums I want to explore in my career. Did I say a detailed spreadsheet?

I meant to say a diary. A mental diary.

One might call it daydreaming.

About the artist

I spent this year quietly reimagining my business. Motherhood has demanded a “smarter, not harder” mentality of me, as an artist, as a friend, as a grocery shopper… 2.5 years later, I’m settling in to the constant adaptations. This sounds contradictory, but my fellow pandemic parents understand this contradiction. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and if I’m going to continue, it’s time to restructure. A scalable business requires foresight, of which I certainly didn’t possess when I started freelancing at 19. Since January, I’ve drawn out what I want (and don’t want) from my business. And I’ve revised. And revised.


Releasing 2022’s “This Is My Year” desk calendar was a risk, one that proved to be worth taking. Last year’s calendar release taught me a lot about product development. Designing a full calendar year in advance allowed a new freedom, since I was no longer designing each month as it came. This one smart move snowballed into a whole rebrand, one structured around designing well once. I’m building a collection of seamless patterns to use for years to come. I can already see the coffee table book 10 years from now.

My daughter sees the modern woman who isn't effortless, who is occasionally late for work because she's braiding her hair in pajamas, and there's no apology in the email. She also sees tenacity, and true appreciation for the work it takes to grow, however slowly.

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The Mission

Love Nest is committed to responsible sourcing and undeniable fun. I vote with my dollar, and my slow and steady approach to business reflects that. I believe in sustainable solutions, and the lasting power of snail mail. Anti grind, pro nap. I like to get my hands dirty.

As an artist creating within modern tech, I find myself leaning into the kitsch, the irreplicable human feel. As a storyteller, I'm inspired by heritage. I'm digging until we unearth the heart of it all. Only then does good design prosper.


Meet The Dream Team

A Midwestern cannabis brand.

A business at the Julietta Market.

A high end fabric retailer.

An Oregon wine label.

A downtown coffee shop.

A luxury wallpaper line.

Is it you?
Let's talk!

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