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I know, you wish you were someone who sends greeting cards. So I'm making cards you want to send. Postage included, no trip to the the post office needed! Share the love, nourish your community, long live snail mail. And hey, don't put a label on it: a greeting card inside a frame is totally a poster.

If you're in Lexington, you can find my silly little prints at local pop up events, or you can order directly from me. Looking to stock my stuff at your store? Check out my wholesale page for details.

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I'm plotting 2 subscription services

to launch in 2023:


1. An annual birthday card delivery service—

Picture luxe envelopes with liners, pretty postage, my sister's calligraphy, and pillowy letterpress atop plantable paper embedded with wildflower seeds. Details to come. This one's complicated, but I think it might change my life.

2. A monthly delivery of 4 random cards—

This is a small subscription that can make a big difference in my business. To keep my inventory flowing, and your snail mail collection growing, I'm able to stock new cards faster.

Smarter, not harder. OMG IT'S HERE!

Personal Stationery


I take on a limited number of custom stationery projects.

Right now, I have 2 spots open for custom baby announcement stationery (see below). Are you interested in a personal collection of snail mail all your own? Let's talk.

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