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Ramey Ranch

Brand Identity

Nina and Ben are reimagining their Colorado life, making the slow and steady move out to the country. They have a vision for a more peaceful & conscious pace. I was thrilled to bring their family brand to life. Picture these curvy R’s cut or bent out of metal, a real deal branding iron.

This was a simple project, but it was a lesson in simplicity for me. I find it's helpful in some cases to show the behind-the-scenes. So, take a look at where we started, and see how we ended up where we did.

The prompt: a classic Western-style brand mark that can be translated to future ranch signage and apparel, as well as their Instagram page documenting their build.

Initial concept: A collage of classic Western symbols, very modern cowboy. Too cutesy, too complicated.

First round of edits: Scrapped the detail, went with a simple monoline. This one cemented the star symbols to our design, but again, simplicity was needed.

Second round of edits: We found our perfect typeface, and I played around with a lasso-inspired crest. This one was close, but still leaning cutesy.

Third round of edits: Bare bones and brilliant. 1 simple star, seamlessly connected R's, strong and minimal secondary type.


Ta dah!

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